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NiedlFree technologies is a disruptive technology platform poised to transforms injectable biologics and non-biologics deliverable as simple nasal or oral sprays with a single-minded focus on ‘Comfort Convenience & Compliance’
We at NiedlFree integrate science and research thereby enabling the discovery of various innovative formulations in the bio-pharma and health supplement sectors for the betterment of human life.
NiedlFree thrives in breaking the scientific barriers and providing solutions to administer complex molecules, be they bio-pharma drugs or health supplements. It is the result of more than two decades of dedicated work by our team of scientists and doctors.


NiedlFree and its 3C’s

NiedlFree and its 3C’s

As the name indicates and as the logo depicts, NiedlFree technologies is a technology platform that promotes our ideology of “Comfort, Convenience and Compliance” in transforming different molecules from their conventional route of administration as injections into oral or nasal sprays.

At the heart of our technology is the usage of nano-particles (NPs) and their selective functionalization extending to the production of nano particles of varying sizes and usage of different polymers or lipids with high encapsulation efficiency of both hydrophilic and hydrophobic molecules with enhanced absorption that makes NiedlFree platform something unique. The applications for our proprietary NP technology extends beyond human health to include veternary and agri plant usage too.

Desired NPs are produced as per the targeted API, site of its cellular entry i.e., GI, Nasal or Olfactory epithelial cells etc.

Based on targeted cellular entry, NPs are functionalised accordingly, size of particles being altered and layers of encapsulation also predetermined to overcome the physiological and physical barriers. 

Our NP production equipment is a proprietary design; engineered and designed to our specific requirements.

We utilise several purification and QC equipment such as SEC, TF systems, HPLC, AKTA, ELISA and other spectrometric analysers, viscometers in addition to the particle analysers etc.

Other key facet of our drug delivery is the design and choice of device for delivering the chosen API in our formulation to the targeted site of cellular entry for achieving the desired goals like rapidity of action, high bio-availability etc leading to safe and effective clinical end point.

Before choosing the right device we examine the dynamics of spray emitting out of the device – ‘plume’ in some cases or ‘vertical’ in other instances and velocity of spray etc among other parameters.

The evolution of our technology spanning over a period of more than two decades is the result of a large series of studies both in-vitro and in-vivo that include several cell-based assays, gut loop experiments of different segments of GI tract, fluorescent nano-particle ligand conjugate assays, competitive inhibition assays, particle characterization, estimation of fluid dynamics of the formulation, selection of right delivery device and its functionality etc.

Several in-vivo proof of concept and pre-clinical studies demonstrated rapid onset of action with high bio-availability of the given molecule.

NiedlFree technology platform provides a wide range diverse clinical applications such as diabetes, osteoporosis, reproductive hormones, cancer drugs, cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, different vaccines etc.


As the name indicates and as the logo depicts, NiedlFree technologies is a technology platform that promotes our ideology of “Comfort, Convenience & Compliance” in transforming different molecules from their conventional route as injections into oral or nasal spray.

Some words about us


  • Entire lab area is under controlled environment.
  • Proprietary nano particle production and formulation facility to cater for different formulation and for different batch sizes.
  • Our API production Facility for both bacterial and mammalian cell cultures.     
      • Upstream Facility includes bacterial fermenters and bio-reactors.
      • Downstream Facility contains AKTA purifier, AKTA Prime 150, HPLC system, CFF, TFF, High Speed-refrigerated Centrifuges etc
  • R&D and QC department contains AKTA explorer, LC MS, UV, Particle analyser, Spectrophotometers, ELISA reader, Inverted Microscope, Centrifuges, Sonicator, Stability chambers etc.
  • Formulation & filling facility
  • Cold room with controlled temperature.

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